Jayne Slater was born in Yeovil, UK in 1997 and was raised in the Midlands, UK. She has always been a creative person and would often be found writing stories in her room as a child. To which she would then read the stories to her friends.

Jayne’s love for film began when she studied Media at GCSE. From there she took the passion further and has now completed a degree in Film Production with a 2:1 at the University of Derby in the year 2018.

“One of my favourite directors is Guillermo Del Toro. I find I’m quite similar to him in the way our stories have a hint of fairytale in them. I absolutely adore fairytales and find they go with any genre. I love the planning that goes with filmmaking (odd I know) as I feel so much accomplishment when the film is finished.”

At the age of 21, she is already an award winning filmmaker for a short film, “Gorge”, she directed, produced and wrote. The film is currently on the festival circuit and gaining attention world wide.

Jayne is a keen Director, Scriptwriter & Producer. She also has experience in the following departments/roles : Assistant directing, Locations, Production assistant and runner.